Jente Hendrickx (°1992) is a textile designer and a costume-designer as well, she uses her extensive knowledge of techniques and materials to accentuate the fragility and tactility in both textile and visual designs.
Her fascination with lines in their purest form, in manually as well as mechanically woven and knitted fabrics results in a unique layering.


2007 - 2010
Secondary degree - Free visual arts
KSO Sint - Lucas Antwerp
2010 - 2013
Bachelor in Fine Arts - Theater costume design
Royal Academy of Fine Arts - Antwerp
2014 - 2015
Nedgraphics - weavingprograms
Cobot - Ghent
2014 - 2015
Master in Fine Arts - Textile Design
Luca School of arts - Ghent
Jury Award Graduation Project
Luca School of arts - Ghent